After Massive Nationwide Blackout, Finally, AT&T Internet Service Restored

AT&T Internet Service

AT&T faced a nationwide outage Thursday, disrupting customers’ calls, texts, and internet access until service was restored 11 hours later. The company issued apologies and vowed preventive measures following an internal error review. The FCC initiated an investigation, and federal agencies engaged with AT&T Internet to probe the root cause. Though Verizon and T-Mobile experienced minor outages, they affirmed their networks’ stability. Compare and choose the perfect internet plans with one of the leading internet providers i.e., Top Internet Plans. This incident underscores the vital role of dependable network infrastructure in an interconnected society, emphasizing the need for telecom firms to promptly resolve issues and fortify safeguards against future disruptions.

AT&T Internet Service & Speed

On Thursday morning, over 74,000 AT&T customers reported outages on DownDetector, an AT&T Internet Speed Test digital software, starting around 4 am ET. Despite the significant number, this tally only represents self-reported outages. Reports peaked in the morning but tapered off by 9 am ET, with around 25,000 customers still affected by 12:30 pm ET. By 2 pm ET, fewer than 5,000 customers remained impacted.

AT&T acknowledged the widespread outage but didn’t disclose its cause. Urgently working to restore service, AT&T advised users to utilize Wi-Fi calling until regular service resumed. They provided instructions for setting up Wi-Fi calling, emphasizing no additional cost. Once activated, Wi-Fi calling functions automatically when connected to a chosen Wi-Fi network.

AT&T confirmed full-service restoration by late Thursday afternoon after most of its network returned online by late morning. However, its stock experienced a more than 2% decline, contrasting with the broader market’s upward trajectory that day.

Internet Outage Happens Due to A Faulty Software Update?

AT&T experienced sporadic outages, including a temporary 911 outage in parts of the southeastern US. They attributed it to an internal issue during network expansion, denying a cyber attack. An industry source suggested a problem with call handoffs between networks, termed peering. Despite AT&T’s assurance, US cyber officials are investigating. Common causes of such outages include construction accidents damaging fiber optic cables or software misconfigurations. Telecom experts note incidents across major carriers due to router, backhaul, or software issues. Thursday’s outage might be linked to human errors in AT&T’s cloud-based network system, according to an expert. This incident highlights the vulnerability of modern telecom networks, heavily reliant on cloud infrastructure. AT&T Internet Plans sale was also deeply affected due to such technical blackouts.

FFC Launches Investigation On Massive Internet Blackout

The FCC is investigating reported wireless outages, emphasizing concern for 911 connectivity. Carriers must report disruptions, with potential fines for 911 outages. Former FCC officials highlight the seriousness of 911 failures, emphasizing alignment between carriers and the FCC to resolve issues swiftly. Ensuring network integrity is crucial for brand reputation. The FCC aims to identify causes for improvement and may take action if malfeasance or negligence is found. All parties share incentives to address and prevent future outages, prioritizing public safety and network reliability. However, AT&T WiFi plans are also affected nationwide and in rural regions in the United States.

Local Governments Also Confirms Outages

AT&T Internet outage disrupts emergency services in various regions. San Francisco advises using landlines or alternative carriers for 911 calls. Upper Arlington’s fire alarms are affected, while St. Joseph County recommends Wi-Fi for 911. Cobb County suggests alternate methods for emergencies. Cabel County proposes texting 911. The New York Police Department faces communication issues. Massachusetts State Police urge against testing 911. Atlanta pledges support. AT&T’s FirstNet, serving first responders, remains operational.

Verizon and T-Mobile Remain Unaffected Due to Internet Outages

About 1,000 outages were reported by Verizon and T-Mobile users, according to DownDetector. T-Mobile and Verizon claim their networks are unaffected, attributing reported issues to connectivity challenges with other carriers. Downdetector provides real-time status for thousands of services globally. T-Mobile assures normal operation despite user reports. Verizon acknowledges some connectivity issues but asserts its network is functioning normally. Downdetector’s data indicates disruptions, though T-Mobile and Verizon deny experiencing outages directly.


The massive nationwide AT&T internet outage underscores the critical need for robust network infrastructure and prompt resolution of disruptions. Investigations by the FCC and federal agencies highlight the importance of maintaining public safety and network reliability. Collaboration among telecom firms and authorities is crucial to prevent future outages. AT&T 5G Home Internet is also impacted a lot because of an unpredicted technical outage. To know more about internet plans, connect with Top Internet Plans customer care number – +1(855)-217-9882.