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Internet Speed Test

Test Your Internet Speed

Test Your Internet Usage


One web page visit = 1MB

One song (uploaded or downloaded) = 5.7MB

One hour of streaming audio = 42MB

One email (text only) = 0.035MB

One email with attachment = 3MB

One hour of online gaming = 20MB

One hour of streaming high resolution video = 353MB

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What type of Internet Connection do you have?

How many devices stay connected to the internet?

How many hours You Spend Video Streaming In a Day ?

How many hours do you spend in a day streaming online music ?

In which quality do you watch videos

How many devices used for streaming content at the same time ?

How many hours do you spend playing online video games ?

How much GB do you exhaust in a Month ?

How many smart devices do you have at home? (Alexa, Google Echo) ?

What is the average amount you spend monthly on Internet Bills ?

What is Your Current Internet Speed ?

Do you usually go over your data limit ?

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Test Your Internet Usage