Google Fiber vs AT&T Fiber 2024 – Compare Plans, Prices, and Coverage

Google Fiber vs AT&T Fiber

The competition will remain high in the Google Fiber and AT&T Fiber providers in 2024 with the popularity of high-speed internet. Both are fully capable of transmitting information at ultra-fast speeds with guaranteed connections and many choices of service arrangements. Yet, when customers have an opportunity to compare them, it is every detail that matters. This article explains the various aspects of Google Fiber vs AT&T Fiber to let you decide the best plan with their prices and availability.

At&t Fiber Internet

Google Fiber vs AT&T Fiber

Google Fiber vs AT&T Fiber – Plans and Speed Offerings

Google Fiber Plans

Google Fiber is highly praised for both its simplicity and uncomplicated ‘package’ plans. In 2024, Google Fiber offers two primary plans.

  • 1 Gig Plan – Supports this connection up to 1,000 Mbps. This plan is ideal for busy families and small companies because it offers maximum internet capability for streaming and gaming, as well as multi-users.
  • 2 Gig Plan – Offer a download speed up to 2,000 Mbps. This plan is good for heavy internet users who desire ultra-fast downloads when viewing videos, smooth video conferencing, and fast-paced game playing.

AT&T Fiber Plans

AT&T Fiber offers a broader range of plans to cater to different customer needs.

  • Internet 300 – 300 Mbps up to 5 devices per household with average usage.
  • Internet 500 – 500 Mbps speed is quite fast for streaming HD content and for large family internet use.
  • Internet 1 Gig – Between 1,000 Mbps and 2,000 Mbps, the same as Google Fiber 1 Gig Plan, suitable if you often use the internet.
  • Internet 2 Gig – Maximum 2,000 Mbps similar to the top package offered by Google Fiber for those with big bandwidth needs.
  • Internet 5 Gig – Let’s say 5000 Mbps, as it is one of the fastest plans made for home use and ideally suitable for such tech enthusiasts and big families with excessive internet consumption.

AT&T Fiber vs Google Fiber – Pricing Structure

Google Fiber Pricing

Google Fiber maintains a simple pricing strategy.

  • 1 Gig Plan- Estimated to cost approximately $ 70 per month.
  • 2 Gig Plan – It costs between $100 or so per month.

Google Fiber is easy to understand since the price it charges for its internet services has all the taxes and fees already included.

AT&T Fiber Pricing

AT&T Fiber’s pricing is more varied, reflecting its broader range of plans.

  • Internet 300 – More or less $ 55 per month.
  • Internet 500 – Approximately $65 per month.
  • Internet 1 Gig – About eight hundred Kenyan Shillings every month.
  • Internet 2 Gig – Between 10-15$ per month.
  • Internet 5 Gig – Approximately $180 per month.

Even though AT&T plans are a bit more expensive compared to the same speeds, they can offer new customers nice promotions and discounts.

Google Fiber  vs AT&T Fiber – Coverage and Availability

Google Fiber Coverage

Google Fiber is present in chosen areas across the United States. In 2024, it is stretching but still majorly concentrated on urban and suburban regions. 

  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Nashville, TN
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Austin, TX
  • Atlanta, GA

Google Fiber’s stretch is slow but restricted compared to a few of its contenders.

AT&T Fiber Coverage

AT&T Fiber boasts a much broader coverage area, thanks to AT&T’s extensive infrastructure.

  • Service is available in over 100 metro market areas across 21 states.
  • A strong local presence in these major cities: Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Illinois, Miami, Florida, and Dallas, Texas.

AT&T Fiber’s nationwide coverage also provides more people with the option to utilize fiber internet regardless of their location or location type as the service is easier to access for residents in suburban and rural areas.

Customer Service and Reliability

Google Fiber Customer Service

Google Fiber is a company that provides first-rate customer service at all times of day through any available communication method, whether it is regular telephone, live chat, or email. The company’s process also makes it easy to solve problems because the process is efficient. Satisfaction rates of Google Fiber customers are fairly high based on the above evaluation criteria indicative of a relatively positive experience.

AT&T Fiber Customer Service

AT&T Fiber has sustained business growth by investing in its customer service. It offers day and night service by phone and chat. As far as customer service goes, AT&T has a reputation of being poor but there has been an upward trend in the overall customer satisfaction rankings. Exceptions to this can still be seen depending on factors like location.

Additional Features

Google Fiber Features

  • No Data Caps – Google Fiber does not charge additional fees as long as you want to keep using the internet or never reach data caps.
  • Equipment – It also offers a dedicated router and Wi-Fi system that have excellent performance for free with its packages.

AT&T Fiber Features

  • Data Caps – It is also important to note that AT&T Fiber also provides plans without any data caps where higher tiers of plans are involved.
  • Equipment – The Wi-Fi is of high quality and AT&T offers a gateway device for connecting Wi-Fi with a router. There could be the need for an extra rental fee charge for the equipment.


In 2024, various options are offered by fiber internet so that the end user must remember while choosing between the fiber internet giants – AT&T Fiber vs Google Fiber. Google Fiber has the shortest customer involvement ladder and affordable rate as well as top-notch customer support. The only setback presented is that some customers might not have access to this service. On the other hand, AT&T Fiber offers various plans with multiple price options that cover most of the United States. AT&T Fiber can be a good alternative though it is a bit more expensive due to its wide accessibility and effective infrastructure. To know more about suitable internet deals, connect with Top Internet Plans customer service number – +1(855)-217-9882.