AT&T Cruise Package Review

AT&T Cruise Package

If you’re planning a cruise and wish to stay connected, you might select the AT&T cruise package. This package offers text, talk, and data services while you’re at sea on an eligible cruise ship. But is it worth the price? In this article, we’ll review the AT&T Cruise Package and help you decide if it’s right for you.

I was looking at what it would cost to add international to my plan when I came across ATT’s Cruise Package. Has anyone ever used this vs the ship’s Wifi?

Is AT&T Cruise Plan Worth It?

AT&T cruise plan offers unlimited data, text and talk while cruising with rates starting at $50 per line. It can be beneficial for frequent cruisers who want seamless communication without worrying about roaming charges. However, its value depends on individual usage and cruise frequency. If you frequently sail and require constant connectivity, it could be worth it. But if you only cruise occasionally or can manage with limited connectivity, other options might be more cost-effective. Evaluate your requirements and compare them with other packages to determine if the AT&T Internet Cruise plan is worth it for you.

AT&T Cruise Package Options

AT&T Internet offers two different cruise packages, both with a one-time charge and auto-expiration after 30 days. The first package has a $100 one-time charge and includes 1 GB of data, while the second package has a $60 one-time charge and includes 100 MB of data and 100 minutes of talk time. These packages provide coverage on over 175 qualifying cruise ships when at sea.

Best AT&T Cruise Plans

AT&T Internet Usage and Coverage

It’s important to note that AT&T Cruise Package usage only includes usage while at sea on an eligible cruise ship. All other usage, such as being in port or on a land excursion, is not included with the cruise packages. When you can use a cruise package, your phone will connect to the cruise ship’s cellular network, and the network name Cellular at Sea, Nor-18, or 901-18 will appear in the upper left corner of your device screen.

However, when the ship is within 9-12 nautical miles from shore, your cruise ship will turn off its cellular network, and your device will register on the nearest land-based cellular provider. Usage in port and on land isn’t covered by your AT&T Cruise package. If you have an AT&T International Day Pass and the destination is included, your usage in that destination will be covered. If the destination isn’t included, or if you don’t have an AT&T International Day Pass, then pay-per-use rates will apply.

AT&T Cruise Phone Settings

Many users have reported issues with phone settings while using the AT&T Cruise Package. One user reported that they couldn’t call, text, or email for much of their cruise, despite having the $100 package. They were told by AT&T International support that they should have Airplane Mode OFF, Cellular ON, Data Roaming ON, and WiFi OFF while at sea. However, this user had an International plan for when they were not at sea and couldn’t find any clear directions on AT&T’s website about how to set up their phone for the cruise package.

AT&T Internet Cost Comparison

The cost of the AT&T Internet Cruise Package may be worth it if you consider the alternative. For example, if you were to use your phone without the package, you could easily incur thousands of dollars in overages. One user reported that a 720p video call with one person for 1 hour with no screen sharing would use about 1 GB of data. This would cost $1600 in overages on the AT&T Cruise Package.


Overall, the AT&T Cruise Package can be a convenient way to stay connected while at sea. However, it’s important to understand the limitations and costs associated with the package. If you plan to use your phone heavily while on your cruise, the package may be worth the cost. However, if you only plan to use your phone occasionally, you may want to consider other options such as using WiFi in port or purchasing a local SIM card. To know more about internet deals, get in touch with Top Internet Plans customer service number – +1(855)-217-9882.