DirecTV vs Xfinity 2024: TV packages and plans comparison.

DirecTV vs Xfinity 2024

The world of television entertainment is getting more dynamic with DirecTV and Xfinity vying for the consumers’ attention. As we step into 2024, it is important to assess this two entertainment giant, i.e., Xfinity vs DirecTV, and see which one offers better value, features, and overall experience. In this provided blog, we will also discuss the details of their TV packages, their prices, and hidden charges so you can choose the best among them.

Explore the perks of DirecTV packages and the reliability of Xfinity Internet to make an informed decision.

DirecTV vs Xfinity –  Pricing and Packages

DirecTV Pricing and Packages 

There are DirecTV deals that are budget-oriented. Here’s a breakdown of their current offerings: 

  • ENTERTAINMENT: Starting at $64,99.  This package has more than 160 channels; they include local channels and some of the top networks such as ESPN, CNN, and Disney Channel.
  •  CHOICE:  the choice package starts at as low as $84. 99/month. It offers over 200 channels and regional sports networks.
  • ULTIMATE: For $114.99$, the users can have access to over 270 channels, whereas HBO and Showtime are premium channels and are only $99 monthly.
  • -PREMIER: The premier package costs $159. 99 per month and offers more than 340 channels, of which many are premium-type channels and sports networks.

 Xfinity TV Pricing  and Packages

Xfinity, a Comcast subsidiary, also provides many TV bundles. Here’s a look at their current offerings: 

– Choice TV: The Starting price stands at as low as  $20. With this package, you get over 10+ channels that include the local channels and popular networks.

– Popular TV: Attached with the price of $50 per month, this package includes over 125+ channels which have regional sports networks and more premium channels.

– Ultimate TV: For $68.5/month, the customers will have more than 185+ channels while also having a rich offering of premium channels and sports networks.

Comparing DirecTV Vs Xfinity TV packages 

Check and compare the Xfinity TV and DirecTV packages given below, 

DirecTV Choice via Satellite$84.99 per monthEnjoy 165+ channels.Access regional sports networks.Get a Genie HD DVR included.Enjoy the first 3 months of HBO/Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, Cinemax, and MGM+ included.Option to add premium sports channels.
DirecTV Choice via Internet$84.99 per monthAccess 75+ channels.Enjoy regional sports networks.Get unlimited Cloud DVR storage (included when ordering online).Stream on unlimited in-home devices.Enjoy the first 3 months of HBO/Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ, Cinemax, and MGM+ included.Option to add premium sports channels.
Xfinity Popular TV$60 per monthAccess 125+ channels.Get a Cloud DVR with 20 hours of storage.Enjoy regional sports networks.Option to add premium sports channels.

From this comparison, it is clear that Xfinity Internet has more channels in their base and mid-level packages, while DirecTV had a small jump in their premium package. However, the differences in the selection of channels could be a factor of location and individual preferences.

Xfinity vs DirecTv – Additional Charges and Hidden Fees.

When selecting a TV provider, it is important to consider hidden fees and extra costs which may influence the last price. Both DirecTV and Xfinity have fees that can add up over time:

  • DirecTV: DirecTV charges a $19. 95 fees for the new clients and $7 per receiver monthly charges for the new equipment.
  • Xfinity: – Xfinity does charge a $14. 95  from a new customer and then $10/month for each set-top box of equipment.

These fees have to be taken into account when the price comparison of each package provided by different providers is done.

Xfinity Vs DirecTV – Customer satisfaction and quality of service.

One more important aspect to consider is customer satisfaction when choosing the provider of T. V.  services. In 2020, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) revealed that DirecTV scored 69 out of 100 and Xfinity scored 62 out of 100.

However, one should point out that customer satisfaction is a personal sense and can change with time. Going through reviews and ratings from reliable sources is considered the best and most recommended way to gain a deeper insight into the quality of service of any provider.


DirecTV and Xfinity TV Packages are tailored for diverse consumers with specific needs and budgets. In their highest package, DirecTV is slightly advantageous while Xfinity Internet has a higher number of channels in both of their lower and middle packages. Yet, the mystery fees, customer service, and bundling options have to be considered as well.

In the end, the best option will be determined by your personal requirements, tastes, and location. Thus, it is recommended to do market research and compare what the two providers offer now to get the most favorable solution.