AT&T vs. HughesNet – Which Internet Service Provider is Best for You?

AT&T vs. HughesNet

AT&T Home internet providers offer the fastest satellite internet speeds, whereas HughesNet offers the most budget-friendly plans.

Best Speeds
Price $55 per month + taxes
SpeedUp to 140 Mbps
Internet TypeSatellite
Data cap60GB – Unlimited
Best Prices
Price $49.99 – $149.99 mo
Speed15 – 50 Mbps
Internet TypeSatellite
Data cap15GB – 200GB

Compare AT&T vs. HughesNet 

If you’re deciding between AT&T and HughesNet for your internet service, we recommend choosing AT&T if you can access its DSL internet with speeds of 25 Mbps or higher. Otherwise, making a decision between HughesNet and AT&T Fixed Wireless Home Internet providers can be challenging due to the various advantages and disadvantages each offers.

AT&T Fixed Wireless is more affordable than HughesNet and includes a larger monthly data allowance (at least 100 GB more data). However, using AT&T’s fixed wireless service might necessitate a VPN for secure site logins, and keep in mind that it’s not accessible in all areas.

Compare HughesNet and AT&T Internet Prices In Your Area

HughesNet Vs AT&T Prices

When considering costs, AT&T’s DSL internet stands out as the most budget-friendly choice, while HughesNet prices could potentially strain your budget. In terms of pricing, AT&T’s DSL internet service is notably the least expensive, coming in at $55 per month. In comparison, HughesNet and AT&T Fixed Wireless start at around $60 and $70 per month, respectively.

HughesNet satellite internet is a more probable option for your area. Since satellite internet doesn’t require underground cables or phone line connections, it can readily serve even the most distant places. Within the realm of satellite internet, HughesNet is more inclined to offer budget-friendly choices compared to other alternatives as internet providers serve my area.

HughesNet Satellite Internet Prices

PlanPriceDownload speedData cap
15 GB$49.99 per month15 Mbps15 Mbps
50GB$49.99 per month25 Mbps50 Mbps
Fusion 100 GB$74.99 per month25 Mbps100 Mbps
Fusion 200 GB$149.99 per month50 Mbps200 Mbps

This is why we consider AT&T DSL Internet as the top internet service provider near me. Its pricing is much more manageable, it offers unlimited data, and the speeds can reach up to 140 Mbps.

AT&T DSL Internet Promotional Prices

PlanPriceDownload SpeedData cap
AT&T Internet Air$55 per month140 MbpsUnlimited

If AT&T provides speeds that are below 25 Mbps in my location, it’s worthwhile to seriously consider HughesNet as the best internet provider in my area. Alternatively, we can explore whether AT&T Fixed Wireless is available.

AT&T Fixed Wireless Promotional Prices

PlanPriceDownload SpeedData Cap
AT&T Fixed Wireless$59.99 per month25 Mbps350 Mbps

Where are HughesNet and AT&T Internet available?

HughesNet satellite internet is available anywhere in the US whereas AT&T Internet is available in 21 different states, mostly in the Midwest and Southern US.

HughesNet Vs. AT&T – Customer Service

AT&T received commendable ratings for speed and reliability, whereas HughesNet customers express satisfaction with its technical support, app, and billing services. But overall, customers rated AT&T slightly higher than HughesNet in terms of satisfaction.

HughesNet Vs AT&T Internet Customer Service Ratings

                    RatingHughesNet ratingAT&T Internet rating
topinternetplans.com3.75 out of 53.83 out of 5

HughesNet vs. AT&T: Which is better?

In this scenario, AT&T DSL internet appears to be the most favorable option. However, if you’re deciding between AT&T Fixed Wireless and HughesNet, our preference leans toward AT&T Fixed Wireless due to its inclusive equipment costs, greater data cap, and more affordable price.

AT&T Internet Price – AT&T’s DSL internet offers the most affordable monthly rate, along with superior speeds and data options. The choice is quite evident. AT&T Fixed Wireless is our next recommendation due to its absence of equipment fees and more economical pricing compared to HughesNet.

AT&T Internet Speed If you have access to AT&T DSL internet with speeds of 25 Mbps or more, you’re in a good position. Both HughesNet and AT&T Fixed Wireless offer speeds that max out at around 25 Mbps each (except for HughesNet’s $175 Fusion plan, which provides 50 Mbps). However, these speeds might not be sufficient for heavy internet users or families requiring faster connections.

AT&T Internet Data Caps AT&T DSL home internet provider provides unlimited data without any additional charges. AT&T Fixed Wireless comes in second place, offering 350 GB of monthly data with the option to purchase more in $10 increments. On the other hand, HughesNet provides data tokens that can cost up to $75 extra, which can be disappointing considering its plans already have limited data allowances.

Customer Service Both AT&T and HughesNet score in the middle of the pack for customer satisfaction.

Final Verdict

When deciding between AT&T and HughesNet for your internet service, the choice depends on your specific needs and location. If you can access AT&T DSL internet with speeds of 25 Mbps or more, it’s a preferable option due to its affordability, unlimited data, and higher speeds. For areas with slower AT&T speeds, HughesNet’s satellite internet becomes a viable choice. 

AT&T Fixed Wireless Home Internet provider is also recommended for its reasonable pricing, equipment inclusion, and larger data cap compared to HughesNet. Customer satisfaction ratings slightly favor AT&T, with good ratings for speed and reliability, while HughesNet’s technical support and billing services are appreciated. Ultimately, consider your speed, data, and budget requirements to make the best decision for your internet needs.