Comcast NOW TV | Xfinity NOW TV Overview

Comcast Now TV

In the ever-evolving landscape of streaming services, NOW TV emerges as a beacon of affordability, variety, and flexibility. For just $20 per month, subscribers gain access to a treasure trove of live sports, movies, and shows, all without the burden of fees or annual contracts. You can also choose and find the best TV and internet deals with one of the premier internet and TV service providers i.e., Top Internet Plans. In this article, we’ll delve into the exciting offerings of NOW TV Xfinity, exploring its live and on-demand channels, the inclusion of Peacock Premium, seamless integration with Xfinity Stream, and the option to elevate your setup with the 4K streaming prowess of Xfinity Flex.

Comcast Now TV Review and Dive into the world of seamless streaming, cutting-edge features, and content variety. Only $20 for.

The Xfinity NOW TV Advantage – $20/Month for Unlimited Entertainment

NOW TV redefines the streaming experience by offering a package that caters to diverse tastes. At an enticing $20 per month, subscribers gain access to a wealth of content, ranging from beloved TV channels like Hallmark, History, and AMC to the exclusive perks of Peacock Premium, a service valued at $5.99 per month.

Live TV and On-Demand Channels

Comcast NOW TV Live is the Home TV service gateway to an immersive entertainment journey, featuring over 40 live and on-demand channels. Whether you’re in the mood for heartwarming stories on Hallmark, engaging historical narratives on History, or gripping dramas on AMC, the diverse lineup ensures there’s something for everyone.

Peacock Premium Inclusion

A standout feature of NOW TV is the complimentary access to Peacock Premium, offering a value of $5.99 per month. This unlocks a world of hit movies, exclusive originals, and live sports extravaganzas, including marquee events like Sunday Night Football and Premier League action. The inclusion of Peacock Premium adds an extra layer of excitement to an already feature-rich streaming package.

Seamless Viewing with Xfinity Stream

NOW TV takes your viewing experience to new heights by seamlessly integrating with Xfinity Stream, a user-friendly app compatible with popular devices. Subscribers can enjoy their favourite content on up to three devices simultaneously, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Key Features of Xfinity Stream With Comcast Now TV

  • On-the-Go Enjoyment – With Xfinity Stream, your entertainment isn’t confined to your living room. Enjoy your favourites anytime, anywhere.
  • On-Demand Library Access – Dive into a vast on-demand library directly from the app, ensuring you never miss out on the latest shows and movies.
  • 20 Hours of Cloud DVR – Stay in control of your TV schedule with 20 hours of cloud DVR. Record and schedule your favourite shows effortlessly.

Elevate Your Entertainment Hub with Xfinity Flex

For those seeking the pinnacle of streaming technology, the inclusion of Xfinity Flex at checkout is a game-changer. This 4K streaming TV box opens the doors to a world of possibilities, providing access to all your favourite apps and enhancing your entertainment setup.

Benefits of Xfinity Flex

  • 4K Streaming – Immerse yourself in breathtaking visuals with 4K streaming capabilities, bringing your favourite shows and movies to life like never before.
  • App Access – Enjoy a consolidated hub for all your favourite apps, creating a streamlined and personalized entertainment experience.

Building Your Ultimate Entertainment Bundle

Xfinity NOW TV service recognizes the importance of fast, reliable internet speeds, and that’s why it seamlessly integrates with Xfinity Internet plans. Choose the plan that suits your needs, and at checkout, add the NOW TV entertainment package to enjoy 40+ live TV channels and more.

Advantages of Xfinity Internet Plans

  • Fast and Reliable Speeds – Xfinity Internet plans ensure that your streaming experience is smooth and uninterrupted.
  • Customizable Packages – Tailor your bundle to meet your specific entertainment needs, combining NOW TV with the perfect internet plan for you.


So, Comcast TV packages stand as the beacon of accessible and diverse entertainment, combining live sports, movies, and shows into packages that defy expectations at just $20 per month. With the added benefits of Peacock Premium, seamless integration with Xfinity Stream, and the option to elevate your setup with Xfinity Flex, NOW TV presents a compelling case for anyone seeking a comprehensive and affordable streaming solution. Embark on a new era of entertainment by getting started with NOW TV today! To know more about internet plans, you need to quickly get in touch with Top Internet plans customer care number – +1(855)-217-9882.