What Channel is Peacock on DirecTV?

Peacock on DirecTV

In the era of cord-cutting and streaming dominance, finding your favourite channels and services can sometimes feel like navigating a puzzle. If you’re a DirecTV subscriber wondering where to find Peacock, you’re in the right place. Compare and choose the most appropriate internet plans with one of the leading internet providers i.e., Top Internet Plans. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about accessing Peacock on DirecTV.

Peacock on DirecTV

Peacock DirecTV is a subscription-based streaming service owned and operated by NBCUniversal, offering a vast library of TV shows, movies, exclusive originals, and live programming.

What is Peacock?

Peacock DirecTV is a subscription-based streaming service owned and operated by NBCUniversal, offering a vast library of TV shows, movies, exclusive originals, and live programming. Launched in July 2020, Peacock has quickly gained popularity for its diverse content lineup, including beloved classics, current hits, and original productions.

Peacock on DirecTV?

To access the Peacock DirecTV channel content, the channel number differs depending upon your specific plan.

  • DirecTV Ultimate Plan – Channel 140+
  • DirecTV Premier Plan – Channel 150+
  • DirecTV Entertainment Plan – Channel 75+
  • DirecTV Choice Plan – Channel 105+

Access Peacock via the Peacock app on smart TVs or streaming devices. For DirecTV users, Peacock’s channel ID is 359, accessible through the channel guide. Enjoy Peacock content on DirecTV through traditional channel viewing or streaming via the app or DirecTV Stream. DirecTV Stream users can get the Peacock channel for $3.99 instead of $5.99 by signing in to their account.

How to Sign Up Peacock on DirecTV?

What Channel is Peacock on DirecTV

Adding Peacock to your DirecTV packages requires the purchase of a monthly subscription plan and then activation on the website. A few methods are detailed below to activate Peacock on DirecTV.

For DirecTV Stream

  • Log into your DIRECTV STREAM account.
  • Select “Manage My TV Package.”
  • Scroll down to “Premium Networks” and select Peacock.

For DirecTV

  • Log into your DIRECTV account.
  • Select “Manage My TV Package.”
  • Select “TV.”
  • Select “Add on Peacock” and agree to disclosures.

What to View on Peacock DirecTV?

DirecTV Peacock channel subscription promises a binge-watching extravaganza with addictive TV originals like Love Island and Meet Cute, alongside timeless favourites like The Office and Battlestar Galactica. Dive into true crime with A Friend of the Family, or be thrilled by Jordan Peele’s latest masterpiece, NOPE. Yellowstone fans can catch up on the first four seasons and explore the formidable Beth Dutton’s journey. Don’t miss the Best of Beth Dutton from Seasons 1 & 2 and the Yellowstone Season 5 Watch Guide. With diverse content spanning genres, Peacock offers endless entertainment. Grab your popcorn and embark on a journey through the best of television and film, all on Peacock.

How to Access Peacock on DirecTV?

If you’re a DirecTV subscriber eager to dive into Peacock’s content offerings, you’ll be pleased to know that accessing the streaming service is relatively straightforward. Here’s a step-by-step guide to find the DirecTV Peacock channel number.

Step 1 – Launch your DirecTV device

Fire up your DirecTV set-top box or launch the DirecTV app on your compatible device. Whether you’re using a satellite receiver, a streaming device, or the DirecTV app on a smart TV or mobile device, the process remains the same.

Step 2 – Navigate to the Apps section

Once you’re logged in to your DirecTV account, navigate to the Apps section of the interface. Depending on your device, this may be located on the home screen or accessible through a menu.

Step 3 – Search for Peacock

In the Apps section, you’ll find a search bar or a list of available apps. Use the search function to look for “Peacock” or scroll through the list until you find the Peacock app icon.

Step 4 – Download and install the Peacock app

Select the Peacock app from the search results or app list, then choose the option to download and install it on your device. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation process.

Step 5 – Log in to your Peacock account

Once the Peacock app is installed, launch it from your device’s app menu. If you already have a Peacock account, simply log in using your existing credentials. If not, you can sign up for a new account directly within the app.

Step 6 – Start streaming Peacock content

With the Peacock app installed and your account logged in, you’re ready to start exploring the platform’s extensive library of TV shows, movies, live channels, and original series. Browse by genre, search for specific titles, or check out curated collections to discover something new.

Alternative Methods for Accessing Peacock

While accessing DirecTV Peacock is a convenient option for subscribers, there are alternative ways to stream the service if you prefer a different approach.

  • Streaming Devices – If you have a streaming device like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, or Apple TV, you can download the Peacock app directly from the respective app store and log in with your account credentials.
  • Smart TVs – Many smart TV manufacturers offer the Peacock app through their app stores or pre-installed on newer models. Check your TV’s app selection to see if Peacock is available.
  • Mobile Devices – Download the Peacock app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store onto your smartphone or tablet. You can then stream content directly to your mobile device, making it ideal for on-the-go entertainment.
  • Web Browser – If you prefer to watch Peacock on your computer, simply visit the Peacock website using your preferred web browser. Log in with your account credentials and start streaming instantly.

Is Peacock on DirecTV?

Peacock, propelled by NBC Universal’s rich content, has become a premier streaming platform. Offering diverse genres, it caters to varied tastes. What sets Peacock apart is its affordability, starting at just $29.99 annually, making it a standout in the streaming market. This competitive pricing, coupled with its extensive library, ensures exceptional value for subscribers. Whether it’s classic sitcoms, blockbuster movies, or gripping dramas, Peacock delivers quality entertainment at a budget-friendly price. Positioned as an enticing choice for streaming enthusiasts, Peacock DirecTV has secured its place in the competitive streaming landscape.


With easy accessibility of Peacock on DirecTV extensive content, enjoying your favourite TV shows, movies, and original series has never been more convenient. Whether you’re catching up on classic sitcoms, exploring new dramas, or diving into exclusive Peacock originals, you can access it all with just a few clicks of your remote or taps on your device’s screen. So sit back, relax, and let Peacock and DirecTV take your entertainment experience to new heights. Happy streaming! To know more about internet packages, connect with Top Internet Plans customer care number – +1(855)-217-9882.