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HughesNet Internet stands as one of the largest three satellite internet providers, making it an interesting choice due to its broad coverage across the United States. The service holds both satellite-only plans and HughesNet Fusion plans, which attach satellite and wireless technologies for lower latency and faster speeds, providing up to 200GB of data. You can also compare and choose significant internet plans offered by different internet providers at Top Internet Plans.

However, it’s crucial to note that HughesNet’s internet speeds normally peak at 25 Mbps, even for their highest-priced HughesNet plans, which reaches 50 Mbps. Although these speeds are enough for activities like social media, web browsing, and a few streaming, they may not meet the requests of bandwidth-intensive tasks.

HughesNet’s Plan Options and Pricing

Internet Data PlanInternet CostInternet Speed
Satellite-only 15GB$49.99/month15 Mbps
Satellite-only 50GB$49.99/month25 Mbps
Satellite-only 100GB$74.99/month25 Mbps
Fusion 100GB$74.99/month25 Mbps
Fusion 200GB$149.99/month50 Mbps

HughesNet provides two types of plans – HughesNet (satellite) and HughesNet Fusion. For the satellite plans, the speeds are generally the same (starting at 15Mbps, but most are 25Mbps). The main difference is the amount of priority data you obtain. We suggest going for a plan with a minimum of 50GB, but 100GB is even better for most people.

As for HughesNet Fusion plans, they’re not available everywhere, but if they are in your location, they’re worth contemplating. They are priced a bit more, but they come with more data and speeds of range 50Mbps. Numerous HughesNet reviews say Fusion’s mingle of satellite and wireless internet makes it more reliable.

If you want to dig deeper into HughesNet’s rates, deals, and fees, continue reading our HughesNet review for more descriptions.

HughesNet’s Pricing

HughesNet Gen 5 is the fastest and most reliable choice to date. If you’re contemplating HughesNet internet services, there’s no good time to subscribe. HughesNet offers a range of plans, involving both satellite-only and satellite with fixed-wireless additions. Find out all of HughesNet’s accessible plans below:

Plans Exclusive to HughesNet’s Satellite-Only

Internet PlanInternet PriceInternet SpeedInternet Data
HughesNet 15GB$49.99/month    15Mbps      15GB
HughesNet 50GB$49.99/month    25Mbps      50GB
HughesNet 100GB$74.99/month    25Mbps      100GB
HughesNet 200GB$149.99/month    25Mbps      200GB

Among satellite internet providers, HughesNet’s satellite-only plans stand out as a few of the most cost-effective options. These plans are available to 99% of the United States. However, it’s crucial to note that they offer a relevant 25Mbps speed across all plans. Therefore, your option should primarily depend on your data needs.

Plans Under the HughesNet Fusion Category

Internet PlanInternet PriceInternet SpeedInternet Data
Fusion 100GB$74.99/month25Mbps100GB
Fusion 200GB$149.99/month50Mbps200GB

HughesNet Fusion plans aren’t accessible everywhere like HughesNet satellite-only internet plans, but HughesNet Fusion does provide reduced latency and more dependable internet speeds than satellite-only.

Business-Oriented Plans Offered by HughesNet

Internet PlanInternet PriceInternet SpeedInternet Data
Business 30$84.99/month25Mbps download, 3Mbps upload      30GB
Fusion Business 100 GB$89.99/month25Mbps download, 3Mbps upload      100GB
Fusion Business 200 GB$164.99/month25Mbps download, 3Mbps upload      200GB

The accurate HughesNet business plans accessible to you depend on your location, but HughesNet internet service itself is accessible to 99% of the USA, so you should be able to obtain HughesNet service for your minor business.

HughesNet Voice and Internet Packages

Internet PlanInternet MinutesInternet Price
Home VoiceUnlimited calls to the US and Canada$25.95/month
International 200 (add-on)200 min. to 60 countries$9.95/month
International Unlimited (add-on)Unlimited calls to 60 countries$22.95/month

HughesNet Voice, also known as HughesNet’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) service, is the phone service option offered by the company. You can easily bundle it with your HughesNet internet service, although there isn’t a reduction for combining them. This package provides you with two best services with the convenience of one bill.

Charges Associated With HughesNet Services

HughesNet modem/router$14.99/month
HughesNet installation fee$90.00 (sometimes waived if purchased online)
HughesNet early termination feeUp to $400.00
HughesNet unreturned equipment feeUp to $300.00 ($100.00 for the modem and power supply, $200.00 for radio transmitter)
HughesNet moving feeLeased equipment: $99.00 activation fee at new location Purchased: $249.00 hardware fee and $199.00 installation fee at new location
HughesNet data tokens3GB/$9.005GB/$15.0010GB/$30.0025GB/$75.00

HughesNet fees can be categorized into equipment charges and early termination fees. While there are unique fees related to moving your performance, they are mainly associated with activating your service in another location.

Final Verdict

HughesNet Internet services provide a range of plans to cater to many internet usage needs. Understanding your data requirements, budget, and area is essential when selecting the right plan. By carefully contemplating these factors, you can find a reliable internet connection that meets your requirements without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a light customer or a heavy streamer, HughesNet has a plan designed to keep you connected in even the most remote locations.