Everything You Need to Know about Viasat Internet Plans

ViaSat internet plans

Not too long ago, satellite internet was primarily seen as a niche service, mainly utilized by individuals in rural and remote areas with limited connectivity options. However, today, it has become a widely discussed topic, not only among current and potential users but also for those interested in exploring the technology’s potential to address global connectivity challenges. You can also compare and choose the most appropriate ViaSat internet plans with one of the leading internet providers i.e., Top Internet Plans.

Remarkably, over one-third of the world’s population, which is nearly 3 billion people, has never experienced internet access. Satellite internet, owing to its ability to reach almost any location, is ideally suited to provide high-speed broadband connectivity to numerous areas across the United States and worldwide, including those that are currently unserved or underserved. Furthermore, companies like Viasat have been actively developing a groundbreaking satellite constellation that aims to make broadband services accessible globally in the coming years.

While satellite internet has been instrumental in bridging connectivity gaps for many years, advancements in technology and the capacity to create satellites with significantly enhanced capabilities are now making it a viable choice for consumers throughout the United States, not just in rural or remote regions where traditional cable and fiber infrastructure may be limited or unavailable.

In summary, Viasat satellite internet is evolving rapidly, and its potential to connect previously unconnected populations worldwide is a promising development in the quest for global connectivity.

What Does Satellite Internet Entail?

Satellite internet refers to internet access that is provided via a wireless connection established through signals exchanged between a satellite and an antenna (or dish) located at a residence or business. Unlike land-based internet services such as fiber, cable, or DSL, satellite internet does not rely on physical wires for data transmission. It also distinguishes itself from wireless networks like LTE or 5G, which rely on proximity to cell towers for connectivity. An important feature of satellite internet is its versatility, as it can be employed in temporary settings such as construction sites or emergency shelters, and it can also be utilized on mobile platforms like aircraft, ships, trains, and more.

What Advantages Does Satellite Internet Offer?

First and foremost, satellite internet offers extensive coverage. It can be utilized in nearly any location, delivering a high-quality connection to a wider range of areas compared to most other types of services. This includes remote and off-the-grid areas that lack alternative options, as well as rural and isolated regions that would otherwise have limited connectivity choices. In situations like aircraft or ships, Viasat internet plans are often the only viable means of establishing a connection.

For many individuals and businesses, satellite internet enables them to work and shop from the comfort of their homes, stay connected with loved ones, and leverage various smart home technologies, internet phone services (VoIP), and more.

Furthermore, because satellite internet networks primarily rely on a connection from space, they exhibit high resilience and are less susceptible to damage during extreme weather events or emergencies.

Today’s satellite internet is significantly faster than earlier generations, with available download speeds reaching up to 150 Mbps in certain areas on the Viasat network. With the introduction of newer, more advanced satellites offering global coverage, the service is expected to continue improving in terms of both speed and availability in numerous locations.

Best Viasat Internet Plans

Internet PlanCostsSpeedData
Choice 12 Mbps/60GB$69.99/monthUp to 12 Mbps60GB/month
Choice 25 Mbps/60GB$69.99/monthUp to 25 Mbps60GB/month
Choice 25 Mbps/100GB$99.99/monthUp to 25 Mbps100GB/month
Choice 30 Mbps/150GB$149.99/monthUp to 30 Mbps150GB/month
Choice 30 Mbps/300GB$199.99/monthUp to 30 Mbps300GB/month
Choice 30 Mbps/500GB$299.99/monthUp to 30 MbpsUp to 500GB/month
Choice 50 Mbps/100GB$69.99/monthUp to 50 Mbps100GB/month
Choice 75 Mbps/150GB$99.99/monthUp to 75 Mbps150GB/month
Choice 100 Mbps/300GB$149.99/monthUp to 100 Mbps300GB/month
Choice 100 Mbps/500 GB$199.99/monthUp to 100 Mbps500GB/month

Viasat Unlimited Plans

Internet PlansCostsSpeedData
Unlimited Bronze 12$99.99/monthUp to 12 MbpsUnlimited Standard Data
Unlimited Silver 12$149.99/monthUp to 12 MbpsUnlimited Standard Data
Unlimited Gold 12$199.99/monthUp to 12 MbpsUnlimited Standard Data

How Does Satellite Internet Compare to Other Service Providers?

Satellite broadband stands out as a dependable internet alternative that extends its reach beyond locations served by traditional terrestrial options, providing connectivity in areas where fiber and cable infrastructure may be impractical or unavailable. In regions with existing DSL, the distance of homes and businesses from the DSL hub can result in slow or non-existent service. Notably, Viasat plans, in North America, offer coverage across all 50 states, as well as in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and even along air and maritime routes to Europe.

If you’re grappling with sluggish or inconsistent internet service, it’s advisable to research and carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of various options to determine if satellite internet aligns well with your needs.

What is the Functioning Principle of Satellite Internet?

Satellite internet operates by establishing a connection through radio waves with satellites orbiting the Earth. When you initiate an action like sending a message or opening a webpage from a computer or cellphone, the data travels through a modem linked to an antenna. From there, it is transmitted to a satellite. The signal carrying the data is then relayed to a facility connected to the internet via fiber optics. Subsequently, the data signal is sent back to the satellite, and from there, it is directed to a satellite dish located at a residence or business, ultimately reaching the intended device.

Final Words

Viasat Satellite Internet offers a versatile and reliable solution for users seeking high-speed internet access in various locations, including areas where traditional terrestrial options may be limited. With its extensive coverage, fast speeds, and innovative satellite technology, Viasat opens up new possibilities for connectivity. Whether you’re in a remote rural area or simply looking for a dependable internet service, Viasat’s diverse plans and options are worth considering, bridging the digital divide and connecting users to the online world with speed and efficiency. For more reliable satellite internet, you can connect with Viasat’s internet phone number.