Comparing Viasat’s Internet Plans – Which Package Offers the Best Value?

ViaSat internet plans

Viasat Internet plans frequently offer awesome deals for new users and special rebates on its satellite internet plans, and we’ve gathered the best ones right here. You can also compare and choose the best internet deals with one of the premier internet providers i.e., Top Internet Plans.

Top Viasat Offers

Internet Plan      Internet CostInternet SpeedInternet Data Cap
Viasat Choice 50$30.00/mo. off first 3 mos.50 Mbps100 GB (unlimited standard data)

Starting at $69.99 per month, with an increase to $199.99 after the promotional period, the Viasat Choice 50 plan provides exceptional value among satellite plans when considering the data and download speed per dollar spent. While Viasat provides costly satellite internet plans, it still provides respectable speeds without straining your budget.

Top Viasat Discounts

Internet Plan      Internet CostInternet SpeedInternet Data Cap
Viasat Choice 100Mbps/500Mbps$100.00/mo. off first 3 mos.100 Mbps500 GB (unlimited standard data)

Subscribers who sign up for Viasat’s 100Mbps/500GB plan not only enjoy the fastest geostationary satellite internet choice but also receive an additional $100 discount on their monthly bill during the first three months. Moreover, the 500 GB data cap is exceptionally generous. Even if you happen to upend this allowance, there’s no need to fear. You’ll still have access to unlimited standard (slower) data, so you won’t be without internet access.

Only-Special Viasat Internet 

Viasat is currently offering a substantial $300 Visa prepaid card along with potential savings of up to $300 on unique Viasat internet plans. These discounts represent a few of the most valuable offers in the field of internet discounts, making it a good time to embrace satellite internet if you’ve been considering it.

Top-Rated Viasat Plans and Internet Bundles

Internet PlanInternet CostInternet Data CapInternet Speed
Choice 25Mbps/60GB$69.99/month60GBUp to 25Mbps
Choice 50Mbps/100GB$99.99/month100GBUp to 50Mbps
Choice 75Mbps/150GB$149.99/month150GBUp to 75Mbps
Choice 100Mbps/300GB$199.99/month300GBUp to 100Mbps
Choice 100Mbps/500GB$299.99/month500GBUp to 100Mbps

Top Viasat Internet Plans

If you select Viasat for the speed, the top choice is its Unlimited Platinum 100 plan, which provides speeds up to 100 Mbps. This is among the highest speeds available for satellite internet and twice as fast as Viasat’s next fastest choice. It’s certainly not an uncostly choice, but it gives you speeds that emulate various types of wired internet connection, which, for many people, is well worth the price.

If you’re seeking to balance speed and cost, the best option might be the Choice 50 Mbps/100 GB plan. It still provides higher speeds than other rural choices but at a much lower monthly cost than the Platinum plan. The Choice 50 Mbps/100 GB plan provides you speeds up to 50 Mbps, which is sufficient for most online activities, including watching video.

To delve deeper into the details of Viasat Internet, be sure to see our extensive Viasat Internet review.

Viasat Corporate Internet

Internet PlanInternet CostInternet SpeedInternet Data Cap
Unlimited 35$175/monthUp to 35 MbpsFull Speeds up to 75 GB and unlimited at decreased speed.
Unlimited 60 Mbps$300/monthUp to 60 MbpsFull Speeds up to 150 GB and unlimited at decreased speed.
Unlimited 100 Mbps$500/monthUp to 100 MbpsFull Speeds up to 200 GB and unlimited at decreased speed.
10 GB Metered$80/month35 Mbps10 GB, then $10 per 1 GB
20 GB Metered$100/month35 Mbps20 GB, then $6 per 1 GB
50 GB Metered$150/month35 Mbps50 GB, then $3 per 1 GB

Viasat provides many business internet plans, including choices with unlimited and metered data. These business plans normally come at a higher cost point compared to residential plans, making them less fit for home internet use. However, for businesses, the included benefits such as a persistent IP address and priority connection may justify the additional expense.

Final Verdict

When it comes to secure satellite internet, Viasat provides a range of enticing deals, savings, and specific promotions that make it a competitive choice for users across the United States. With various internet plans to select from, savings for new users, special promotions, easy, reliable coverage, installation, and outstanding customer service, Viasat has you covered. Before logging in for any internet service, it’s crucial to research your options and assess your specific requirements. By exploring the best Viasat Internet plans, savings, and special promotions, you can make a conscious decision and enjoy a seamless online experience in even the most remote areas. Don’t miss out on the chance to stay connected with Viasat Internet’s great offerings.