Which Top Internet Service Providers have Data caps?

Imagine you are streaming your favorite show or movie and suddenly your speed drops and you start experiencing buffering. Suddenly you get an email or notification on your phone that you are out of data. This is the thing about internet services that suck the most. Limited data caps. Most people don’t even bother checking if they have a data cap on their plans while buying. Almost all the major internet service providers out there impose data caps. If you’ve run out of data while streaming then you’re gonna have to wait till the month ends and you get your data back. Or the case can be even worse, you go over your data limit and you find about it only when you get the bill and see the elevated charge. 

Most providers hide the data cap and overage fees when you are signing up for the plan. But it would be good for you if you ask about it upfront while buying the services. To help you out with this problem, we have created a list of all major service providers and you can learn about your provider’s data limit. 

Which Provider Have Data Limits?

Pick any major internet service provider in the nation and 90% chances are that they will have some kind of data limit. But finding out if your provider has a data limit or not is an exhausting task, the easiest way to do that is to read our list till the end.  

1. AT&T Internet

AT&T is one of the oldest and most reliable internet service providers in the USA. If you don’t know it already then let us tell you that AT&T has a data cap of 1 TB (1000 GB). If you go over your limit then you’ll have to pay $10 per 50 GB. 1 TB is mostly standard for all the ISP in the nation and this much data is more than enough for all kinds of users. Still, a data limit is still a limit, unlimited data limit is always a better option. The good thing about the AT&T internet data cap is that they will give you two warnings before you’re charged with an overage fee. So you get a chance to figure out if you are about to go over your limit.  

There is one exception though, the “AT&T Internet 1000” plan has unlimited data. The unlimited data on 1 Gig plan works as you’ll need as much data as possible with that much speed. You can save yourself from an overage fee by paying $30 per month to AT&T as an unlimited data allowance. But if you can pay $30 extra every month then you are better off getting the Gig plan. 

  • Data Cap: 1 TB- Unlimited
  •  Overage Fee:$10 per 50 GB

2. Xfinity

Xfinity is one of the largest Cable and fiber internet service providers in the USA and it gains popularity for all the right reasons. Xfinity has a Data cap of 1.2 TB per month and Xfinity charges an overage fee if you go over your limit. Xfinity gives you a warning for one month before charging the prices in your next bill, so if you go over your data limit you will get a warning from Xfinity.   

Xfinity also offers a nifty meter that allows users to check how close you are to consuming data. If you really want unlimited data on your plan, then you can pay $50 per month. If you have a huge internet appetite then you are better off paying a fixed $50 every month instead of paying the overage fee. 

  • Data Cap: 1.2 TB
  •  Overage Fee:$10 per 50 GB

3. CenturyLink

CenturyLink is the largest DSL internet service provider in the USA. CenturyLink has a lot of perks for consumers and some of them include No contracts, Price for life guarantee, and no overage fees. CenturyLink imposes a data limit of 1 TB on almost all the plans. If you are a fiber gigabit user or business internet user with CenturyLink then you don’t have to worry about Data caps at all.    

If you are on Fiber or DSL plan and you go over your data limit then you won’t be charged with an overage fee. Instead of charging fees, CenturyLink will show you how to manage your data or what plan to choose based on your usage. While these warnings may not charge you money, but if you keep on going over the limit, CenturyLink will resort to charging you for it.  

  • Data Cap: 1 TB
  • Overage Fee:No Charge

4. Cox Communication 

Cox Communication has a 1.25 TB data cap for all the internet plans and while that is better than normal 1 TB data limit but a limit is still a limit. The 1.25 TB data limit is good enough but heavy internet users can easily top the limit before the month ends. If you do end up going over the limit then you’ll have to pay an industry-standard amount of $10 per 50 GB.   

If you end up consuming your data almost every month then we suggest you get a bonus data plan from Cox Communications. You can get an additional 500 GB for $29.99 per month or you can get unlimited data for $49.99 per month. Although that much money is enough to burn a hole in your pocket. 

  • Data Cap: 1.25 TB
  • Overage Fee:$10 for 50 GB


Now that you know about top internet providers who have data caps on their plans. Make sure you ask your local ISP about data caps before you sign up on any kind of package.