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Regardless of where you live, stay connected to high-speed internet with Viasat Internet plans with speeds reaching up to 100 MBPS.

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Don’t let remote locations stop your entertainment. Watch your favorite TV shows, Movies, and sports with Viasat Satellite TV plans. 

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Wherever you live in the USA, Viasat can provide high-speed internet and TV services. With Viasat, you can be sure to boost availability.


Understanding Viasat Satellite Internet Service

Satellite internet is one of the oldest methods of internet connectivity. Satellite internet uses roof or wall-mounted satellite dishes to send and receive signals. The data travels to the dish on your roof and goes to an orbiting satellite in the sky.

Viasat high-speed internet also uses satellite internet technology to deliver internet connectivity to users all over the USA. While satellite internet has limited internet speed to offer, it still offers speeds up to 100 MBPS. 

If you’ve recently moved to a remote location, then you’d experience a price hike compared to fiber and cable plans. Not just that, you’ll get limited data to consume every month. 


Pros and Cons of Viasat Internet

Just like any other internet provider, Viasat has its set of pros and cons. As a satellite internet provider, Viasat satellite internet plans are available almost everywhere throughout the country. You can choose between speeds and data range for all kinds of users. Overall, Viasat satellite internet plans are a good choice for those who live in remote areas. 

Now let’s go over all the things that aren’t good enough about Viasat’s internet plans. The internet plans aren’t affordable, and to make things worse, the internet prices increase after the first 3 months. 

Pros of Viasat Satellite Internet:

Cons of Viasat Satellite Internet:

Viasat Satellite Internet Packages

When it comes to satellite internet service, there are only 2 providers in the country. Over time, all the other satellite internet providers fizzled due to cable and DSL internet. So, there are only two satellite internet plans named HughesNet and Viasat Internet. 

Viasat satellite internet plans are extremely expensive compared to DSL and Cable internet. Viasat internet plans are similar to any other satellite plans with fixed data and speed. 

If you have a huge internet appetite, then satellite internet plans may not be a good option. When you use Viasat plans, you have to keep an eye on how much data you’ve consumed. Here’s a list of Viasat satellite internet plans:

Plans NamePriceSpeedData Cap
Liberty 12$30/mo12 MBPS12 GB
Liberty 25$50/mo12 MBPS25 GB
Liberty 50$75/mo12 MBPS50 GB
Unlimited Bronze 12$50/mo12 MBPS35 GB
Unlimited Silver 12$100/mo12 MBPS45 GB
Unlimited Gold 12$150/mo12 MBPS65 GB
Unlimited Silver 25$70/mo25 MBPS60 GB
Unlimited Gold 30$100/mo30 MBPS100 GB
Unlimited Gold 50$100/mo50 MBPS100 GB
Unlimited Platinum 100$150/mo100 MBPS150 GB

Get Discounts on Viasat Satellite Internet Plans

Our team at Top Internet Plans knows the value of quality internet plans. If you live in a rural area, then your options are already limited. You only have two options, Satellite or DSL internet. DSL isn’t available in all the rural areas, so you need to use satellite internet. To get discounts on Viasat satellite internet plans, you can reach out to us at (Mobile number). 

If you don’t have DSL internet plans, then your only option is satellite internet plans. If you don’t have a huge internet appetite, then you can do well with satellite plans. Viasat offers limited data on all its plans. Once you go over your limit, you’ll have to suffer from lower speeds. 

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