Top Benefits of Fiber Optics Internet Connectivity

Internet connectivity comes in all shapes and sizes, fiber internet connectivity is known as the best and f

Internet connectivity comes in all shapes and sizes, fiber internet connectivity is known as the best and fastest internet connection. As fast as fiber internet connectivity actually is, the availability is limited. Unlike your ordinary internet connections, fiber internet doesn’t rely on copper cable and Fiber glass mesh cables offer better reliability and faster speeds. Day by day, fiber infrastructure is growing and with it, fiber internet is becoming more and more accessible to homes and businesses. Let’s go through the key benefits and advantages of a fiber optics cable network.

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber internet or also known as Fiber optics internet connection. There are 5 main internet connection, DSL, Cable, Fixed Wireless, Satellite internet, and Fiber optics Internet connections. Only a handful of internet providers throughout the USA offer Fiber internet connection. The maximum speed that fiber internet offers is 2000 MBPS which is more than enough to keep up with your internet needs of home and business. 

Advantages of Fiber Optics Internet

1. Incredible Speed

One of the best reasons to choose a fiber optics connection is that you get the incredible speed with it. Fast internet speeds are most important for businesses to keep up productivity. If workings of your business depend on downloading and uploading large files regularly then fiber internet should be your first choice. These days fiber internet is much much faster than the top copper cable internet packages. That’s not all, with a fiber internet connection, you get symmetrical internet speeds so that your data can be sent and received with the same speed. 

2. Security

Fiber optics cables make out the most secure connection for your data. Fixed Wireless and copper cable internet can easily be compromised and it is quite easy for hackers to steal your data and confidential information. Fiber internet connection can’t be accessed by any outsiders unless the wires are tapped physically. Fortunately for you, Fiber cables drop internet connection as soon as the cables are cut physically. Security breaches can be costly for businesses to recover from financially and by business integrity. The use of Fiber optic networks and internet connectivity increases security and it comes equipped with an additional layer of encryption.  

3. Complete Reliability

With Fiber internet connection, network uptime and data transfer are very consistent. This means that fiber internet is the most reliable internet connection available out there. Fiber cables are made up of glass mesh and they transmit data in the form of light. That makes fiber internet reliable and fast.  

Fiber optics networks are resistive to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. And unlike copper cable connections it can’t interfere with temperature change and water damage.

4. Cost Friendly 

If you compare the speed of the fiber network with the price you get it for you will see that it’s a bargain. When fiber connection first came into the market, it was extremely expensive but recently the prices of fiber internet connection are dropping. In the coming time, fiber internet will continue to get cheaper, in some areas, it has already become a cheap alternative for cable internet connection. For businesses that require high bandwidth, top tier fiber connections are required which can be a little expensive. Once fiber optics connection is in place, accessing cloud and other high bandwidth needs can be used with ease.  

5. Brilliant Cloud Access

Almost 90% of all organizations use cloud storage in one way or another. Cloud services offer features like Data storage, Business apps, site hosting, and CRM tools. Fiber Internet is capable of providing businesses with faster cloud access to increase productivity and reduce downtime while waiting to access cloud storage. Faster cloud access to cloud services basically means fewer delays for sales, customer service, and communication with your customers.  

6. Lower Processing Delay

Latency or delays that happen while data is being processed over any internet connection is another type of internet speed related issue. Fortunately for you, Latency is decreased with fiber optic internet connection in comparison to other internet connections. The use of Fiber internet connection allows businesses to experience faster download and upload speeds.  


Now that you know about the benefits of Fiber internet connection. If you want to get the fiber connection then talk to your neighbors and talk to your local internet provider and get the ideal fiber internet connection for your home and businesses.