Simple Tips to Boost Your WiFi Signal To Get Most Out Of Your Internet Connection

If you aren’t happy about the kind of internet services you are getting for the price you pay then chances are your WiFi router signal is the reason. Several factors can affect internet speeds, but your WiFi signals can make or break your home internet connection. Weak WiFi connection can even make your internet experience worse. It can even cause you trouble while surfing social media. If you wish to learn how to boost your WiFi signal to get the most out of your internet connection. We have made a list of simple ways you can boost your WiFi signal so read till the end and get the most out of your internet connection. 

5 Ways to Boost Your WiFi to Make Your Internet Faster

Before you give up on your dream of having the fastest WiFi connection for your home and business. Before you decide on changing your internet provider, we suggest you follow these 5 tips to boost your WiFi connection.

1. Update Your Security

Extra users on a single WiFi connection slow down your WiFi speed. If you don’t have security on your WiFi connection then you can’t save your connection from freeloaders. That is the single reason that WiFi connections come with a password and WPA2 Security. 

Keeping your home WiFi safe from freeloaders from intruders is more important if you are running a smart home on your internet connection. Every connected device at your smart home uses a piece of bandwidth your connection has to offer, and if people are using your connection for free then you will obviously get slower speeds. Also keeping your network security will help you keep your whole home secure. 

2. Optimize Your Router Settings

Changing settings of your WiFi router can increase your speed exponentially. It can also improve the functioning of your smart home. Here are all the settings you can change to improve your network speed.

  • Some routers have settings that help in prioritizing the Bandwidth when you play video games or Stream content. This setting is not good for your overall network speed when there are multiple users, turn off the entertainment settings for better results. 
  • You can also experiment with your Router’s Fragmentation and RTS ( Request to send) settings. Set your data fragmentation to a lower value to help you improve data packets transfer more efficiently and improve network reliability by a lot.   

3. Choose a New WiFi Network

You can even switch your router from a standard 2.4 GHz WiFi channel to a less crowded 5 GHz channel to boost your internet speed. This should easily cause a boost in speed on your WiFi network. 

Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies offer multiple internet transmission channels. Channels overlap can cause data packets traveling back and forth or other channels and interfere which clogs up your bandwidth and causes a slow network.  

4. Purchase a Newer, High-End Router

Old technology can cause your network to slow down. The only way you can get out of that situation is to buy a brand new wireless router. There are numerous advantages of purchasing a new router, you are basically proofing your future.

A new router can increase your WiFi speed and it can also increase network security. A new router will be compatible with a whole spectrum of devices. Additional security and compatibility can only mean one thing, that is a better internet experience.  

5. Reset Your Router

This is the simplest solution out of all the tips. Sometimes resetting your router can speed up your internet connection. It is the same as restarting your computer can fix all your unknown errors, rebooting your wireless router can fix your internet connection and boost your internet speeds. 

6 Tips to Boost your Internet Speed and Strength

The tips we have mentioned below will teach you how you can increase the strength, reach, and speed of your wireless connections. Try any one or all of them for better performance

1. Angle One WiFi Antenna Up and One to the Side

WiFi Signal spread out perpendicular to your router but providers like Verizon warns that Wireless signals are weaker when traveling through walls at an upwards angle. Not all the Wireless routers have antennas, such as Modem/Router Gateway. However, if your internet router does have antennas, then you should angle your antennas in a particular direction.  

You can strengthen your wireless router by angling one antenna up and One to the side. This will cause wireless networks to travel in multiple directions and it can increase your internet speed.   

2. Upgrade Your Antennas

Another option is to upgrade your antennas to boost signal strength. Some models of the routers are equipped with physical antennas. The routers that have external antennas can be easily upgraded by antennas provided by third-party manufacturers.

Some antennas are omnidirectional, so their positioning is not crucial to maximizing the strength of your Wireless router. Using these third-party routers will cause you to not even angle your Antenna at the right place.

3. Move Your Router to Higher Location

The location of your WiFi router has a huge impact on the strength and speed of your network. Position your device in a high, open space to get the most out of your router as it will cause fewer obstructions for WiFi signals. As mentioned above, Signals travel better without any obstruction. If your WiFi router is on the floor then you will get even slower speeds. 

You can even improve your internet speed by raising your router to a higher space you will have less obstruction. Placing your router too close to walls and windows can even cause interference in the wireless signal. The denser the objects are around the router, the more interference will be. 

4. Move Your Wireless Router to a Centralized Location

Placing your router at a centralized location of your home can help all the devices get better connectivity. Placing your router in a corner of your home can cause incredibly slow speeds in the other corner of your home. You need to pick a location in your home where all devices can get high-speed internet and your router gets limited interference.  

5. Purchase a WiFi Repeater

You can increase your internet speeds in certain parts of your house by adding a WIFI repeater. The purpose of a repeater is to carry your internet signal farther under the same SSID and Password settings. The WiFi repeater contains a wireless router that picks up your WiFi network from a certain location and it boosts the signal and sends stronger WiFi signals to other devices in your home. 

You can also make a wireless repeater out of an extra router. You can connect a second router to the first router via LAN cable and configure the required settings. Some of the new high tech routers have built-in “Access point” mode. So you won’t have to fiddle with the settings. 

6. Add an Internet Extender

A WiFi extender is pretty much similar to a WiFi Repeater, it boosts your internet signal to other rooms and certain parts of your home. The advantage of an Internet extender is that you are less likely to limit your bandwidth like WiFi repeaters. 

A powerline Ethernet kit is usually a good way to boost internet connectivity for basement gaming equipment or devices in a garage. Since it requires wiring, it may not be the best internet boosting solution for anyone. 

How to Tell Where Your WiFi Is Best?

A great way to check your internet signal and where it is strongest in your home. If you have noticed that your internet speed is faster in your living room than in the basement, then you need to change the location of your Wireless router to enhance the signals.  

The best way to check your internet connection in every corner of your home is to run a speed test in every corner of your home. You just have to adjust your router to get the speed you deserve.