How to do the self-installation for Xfinity service?

Due to Coronavirus a lot of services like Xfinity by Comcast have been closed for some particular location because they are reducing their store service hours. 

And, therefore a lot of people are finding it difficult to get professional installation services at their doorstep and therefore today we will are solving this issue by telling you simple ways to do the installation process.

Yes, we understand that if you are a tech-savvy then it is not at all difficult but you are not good with technology then you can follow some of the instructions, to resolve the unwanted problem that will arise if you are doing the installation yourself.

Xfinity self-install guide is another way that can really help you to get rid of the Xfinity installation issues. In case, you are getting confused and do not know how to start the Xfinity installation at first then you can also use Xfinity application and with the help of this application, you get to know the installation process.

Here are the details to get Xfinity self-install kit at your door-steps:

The new Xfinity by Comcast customer provides you to order or directly call the Xfinity customer care to get a self-install kit at your door-steps to do the Xfinity installation yourself with the help of Xfinity self-install guide.

Xfinity will charge $15 shipping and handling fee for the installation equipment and in case you are in a hurry you need to pay for the priority charges for fast shipping.

In case it is feasible for you to pick your self-install kit you can easily go to the Xfinity customer service centre and before you visit the Xfinity customer service centre you should make a call before visiting there to check whether your equipment is in stock or not.

Now, see the difference between Pro and self-installation:

Pros of professional installationPros of self-installation
Internet service will handle the technical issues.You do not need to make a necessary appointment.
You do not need to be good with technical knowledge.You do not have to pay extra fees.
Cons of professional installationCons of self-installation
You need to pay for the installation fees.You need to face unexpected problem yourself.
Time of appointment might not be inconvenient.You must know some technical skills.

Xfinity self-installation depends upon your willingness to solve all sorts of technical issues on your own. You can also thank the Xfinity self-install guide and Xfinity application that can help you out with technical issues.

And, the process to follow the Xfinity application process or Xfinity self-install guide is so simple that you can easily handle self-installation. On the other side, there can be some technical issues that need professional help.

There some old houses that do not have a coax outlet to plug in the modem will need one installed. And, this can take a lot of time.

And, there are some of the areas and locations, where Xfinity does not provide their 12 months services and therefore requires a technical expert to check cable lines.

A standard installation kit does not have all the necessary installation equipment and therefore, you might need professional help for it. This problem can also occur if you have selected a bundle of several services.

In case you are planning to move to a different location then you need a professional installer to install your modem to a different room; you can also buy a Wi-Fi extender.

But when it comes to self-installation you can also contact Xfinity customer support online or by calling.