Best High Speed Internet Deals for Home in 2020

Picking an ideal internet provider for a home can be a really tough task. We can help you make your job easier in finding the best high speed internet deals. There are a lot of internet service providers in your area and you need help in choosing the right provider from a long list. We’ve created a list of comparisons between the top high speed provider and cheap cable and internet packages. We will help you find internet packages based on the speed you desire, the price, and the kind of internet service that is tailored for you! You’ll also be able to choose bundle options with your internet connection. 

If you still can’t figure out what kind of internet service you need, we have answered some questions below to help you out of your trouble. We can understand your need for speed, so we can help you get the best internet services. Let’s have a look at the best high speed internet deals for home near you.

What’s the Best Internet Service Provider Near Me?

Your location is the biggest factor when it comes to choosing an ideal internet service provider because plans and prices depend on where you live. Someone may be paying $30 for 100 MBPS and someone living a few blocks over may have to $40-$50 for the same speed. Not all services providers and deals are available in every location. 

After you have understood location as a factor, all you need to do is find out what’s most important to you. If you share your internet connection with other people with a huge internet appetite then we suggest you choose an internet service for a home that comes with a huge bandwidth. 

What Kind of Broadband Speed Should You Choose?

Understanding your need for internet speed is really important before choosing between the best unlimited high speed internet plans. Your choice for internet speed depends on your internet usage, the number of users, and estimated daily internet connection. 

If you have one or more than one person at home streaming TV shows and movies in HD then we advise you to increase your bandwidth. If you want a reference, Netflix suggests that you need 3MBPS for SD quality and 5MBPS for HD streaming and 25 MBPS for UHD streaming. 

Keep in mind that the recommended speed is for Netflix itself and not the total internet speed you need. So if two people in your home stream content in UHD, then you need at least 50MBPS bandwidth. If you want the best internet for browsing and social media then any speed around 5 MBPS would do the trick. 

Fiber Internet vs Cable TV

Just like TV service, Cable internet uses a copper cable to transmit data straight to your home. Unlike Dial-up internet connection, you can use both your TV service and internet service at the same time. 

Fiber internet connection on the other hand is transmitted to you using glass mesh fiber cables. Fiber internet is as fast as it is because of the fiber cables. These connections are fast and reliable and don’t fail to perform even under the most peak hours of usage. 

If you are looking for the fastest internet connection for your home then its Fiber internet connection. Fiber is also more expensive than cable internet connection as it is delivered to you on a dedicated line. If you are getting internet service for business then you should go ahead with fiber if your pockets allow you to. But saving money is your goal then you should choose cheap cable and internet packages. Cable internet service can offer you speeds up to 500 MBPS so if you are looking for the best unlimited high speed internet for home then the cable can be a suitable choice. 

TV & Internet Bundles

Nothing helps you save more money than bundle packages, the best TV & internet bundle packages saves you almost $20 per month. Almost all the cable & fiber internet providers have bundle packages for you to choose from. The best way to save money and get additional discounts is by getting yourself an Internet and TV bundle. 

You can even choose phone bundles and you can choose if you wish to add international calls. When selecting the TV package you want for your bundle deal, you should know the kind of channels you really want. Now that you understand all you should know before choosing the best cheap cable and internet packages, here’s a list of best high speed internet deals for home. 

Best Internet Deals For Home

Provider PlanPriceSpeed
AT&T 1000$49.99/mo1000 MBPS
CenturyLink Gigabit$65.0/mo1000 MBPS
Frontier 500/500$39.99/mo500 MBPS
Verizon FiOS Gigabit$79.99/mo940 MBPS
Cox Gigablast$99.99/mo940 MBPS
Xfinity Extreme Pro$69.99/mo600 MBPS
Spectrum Internet Gig109.99/mo940 MBPS
AT&T$49.99/mo5 MBPS
Frontier$29.99/mo50 MBPS
Suddenlink$34.99/mo100 MBPS
Xfinity$29.99/mo15 MBPS