Best Fiber Internet Service Providers of 2020

Till now almost all the residents of USA know about Fiber internet and how incredible it actually is. Fiber internet service is great in terms of speed, reliability, price and stability. The reason for fiber being so famous is because it doesn’t uses ordinary copper cables to transmit internet. Fiber optic cables are made with bundles of thing glass mesh strands. The data travels in the form of light and it is unbelievably fast. Fiber internet is still growing and it’ll be a few years when it’ll be available throughout the whole country! If you are lucky enough to have one or more Fiber internet service provider in your area then you should be aware of who’s the best fiber internet service provider of 2020.

Here’s a complete breakdown of top fiber internet provider in USA and what they offer to consumers.

Best Fiber Internet Providers

Provider PlanMax Download SpeedPrice RangeCustomer Rating
Verizon FiOS940 MBPS$39.99 – $79.99/mo4.17/5
Optimum Altice Fiber940 MBPS$44.99 – $74.99/mo3.92/5
AT&T Fiber1000 MBPS$50 – $90/mo4.09/5
Frontier FiOS1000 MBPS$30 – $200/mo3.99/5
CenturyLink1000 MBPS$45 – $85/mo3.99/5

Now that you know which providers are considered best fiber service providers in USA, let’s go through a complete breakdown to see what makes them the best.

Verizon FiOS – Best Overall

In terms of customer satisfaction, Verizon came out on top for all the good reasons. According to a survey conducting including 2000 internet users, Verizon Consumers were the happiest out of all. Verizon tops all the category of comparison like Speed, reliability, setup and installation, sutomer support and value for money.

If Verizon FiOS is available near your home then we suggest you sign up with them without giving it a second thought. The price range makes it very pocket friendly and it the speed starts from 200 MBPS and goes all the way up to 940 MBPS. This much speed can easily handle yours and your family’s internet needs. You can stream content in HD in all available devices in your home and still you can have enough bandiwdth left for general web surfing.

Between the customer satisfaction rating and price, Verizon FiOS is one of the best Fiber internet provider of 2020.

Great Customer satisfactionSign up offers available
Not exactly 1 Gig Speed

Optimum Altice Fiber – Cheapest Fiber Internet

Optimum is now one of the provider running in the fiber internet race. Optimum has gained incredible popularity due to the price it asks for fiber internet connection for home and business. With Optimum, you can get a top speed of 940 MBPS @ just $74.99/mo.

Only thing that Optimum lacks is a great customer satisfaction rating, reports suggest that not all the users are happy with the services they are getting. Optimum is launching a new Fiber internet setup with simple sleek equipment and built-in WiFi capabilities, hopefully that will help the brand gain some good reputation among users.

Unfortunately, the lowest speed plans offered by Optimum is still cable based, so if you wish to experience Fiber internet connectivity then you have to opt for a high-end plan. If you don’t want the gig speed but wish to get the reliability of Fiber internet then we advise you to look out for some other fiber internet provider.

Low CostNew Generation of Fiber internet
Lower customer satisfaction rating

AT&T Fiber – Best for TV & Internet Bundles

If you love watching TV as much as you love the internet then AT&T is probably the best fiber internet provider for you. AT&T offers interesting bundle packages with their Fiber internet and you should check them out.

While AT&T is below Verizon in both TV and Internet customer satisfaction rating, we prefer AT&T fiber service for the number of channels you get with the bundle. You get almost 550+ channels and incredible internet speeds that range up to 940 MBPS.

AT&T has 4 fiber TV packages and 3 Fiber internet packages so you can build your own perfect Fiber Bundle service with AT&T. Additionally, AT&T’s bundles come with all the equipment included in the price. We think it is great and customer friendly move.

High channel CountsIncluded equipment
Not that great DVR service

Frontier FiOS – Best Speeds

Fiber internet service uses glass mesh cables to deliver internet with the speed of light. You can not call fiber internet service slow but if we are comparing, then Frontier FiOS is the fastest Finer internet provider. Frontier FiOS’s best part is symmetrical internet speed, so you can get matching upload and download speed.

Frontier offers Fiber and DSL internet services to consumers, DSL is one of the slowest type of internet connections. So the negative view on Frontier FiOS fiber speed comes from DSL internet connection. But some customer are happy with what they are getting at the price they are getting.

Symmetrical upload/download speedLower speeds are also fiber internet
More expensive than other provider

CenturyLink – Price for Life Guarantee

CenturyLink customers were happy with their monthly bills as CenturyLink offers you a price for life guarantee. So don’t worry about your bill going up after your promotional period ends. With CenturyLink you have to pay the same amount your signed up on.

As for the speed, CenturyLink speed ranges from 200 – 1 Gig. While CenturyLink’s top plan is pure fiber internet but the low end internet plans use a combination of DSL and Fiber tech. That makes DSL faster than the normal DSL speeds.

Price for Life guaranteeGreat Customer Reviews
Only one pure Fiber plan